前回はDev Center上での管理名で落とされましたが、今回は5.1.4です。大きな進歩です。では5.1.4項を引用してみましょう。

The application must be testable when it is submitted to Windows Phone Marketplace. If it is not possible to test your application for any reason, including, but not limited to, the items below, your application may fail this requirement.
- If your application requires credentials, you must include them in the Test notes or instructions field when submitting your application on App Hub. The credentials must be valid.
Examples of credentials include:
- Login credentials. For example, if your application requires a username and password to access part of the application.
- Testing credentials. For example, if your application allows a user to add to a gift card balance, you must include both login credentials and a gift card number that can be tested.
- If your application accesses a web service, the web service must be functional and your application must run properly.
- If your application interacts with third-party hardware, for example a media streaming device, you must file a technical exception. For more information on how to file a technical exception, see Certification.
- Your application must not require that it is run on a single, specific cellular network.
- Your application must launch.
Tip: Your application may close unexpectedly if it tries to access an API that it does not have the security capability to use. For more information about how to work with security capabilities, see How to: Determine Application Capabilities.


もし、アプリケーションが認証情報を必要とするなら、Tester Noteで必ず有効なテスト用の認証情報を指定してください。
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This application can't be installed when the language is set to 'Japanese'.
Steps to reproduce:
1. Select the deep-link.
2. Notice 2 buttons, 'Trial' and 'Install'
3. Select either button and observe a MS privacy policy.
4. Observe the the application cannot be installed. The "Accept" button is not visible on the screen.
Note: It appears the privacy policy is too long and the button are pushed below the visible area of the screen.


1. アプリケーションのディープリンクを選択します
2. '試用'と'インストール'ボタンが表示されます
3. いずれかのボタンを押すとMicrosoftのプライバシポリシーが表示されます
4. アプリケーションはインストールできません。"許可" ボタンが画面に表示されていません。
Note: プライバシポリシーが長い場合、ボタンが画面外にはみ出してしまいます